Contemporary Homes For Sale in Marietta 30060


Facts About Contemporary Homes for Sale in Marietta Ga

Many people misinterpret the term contemporary similar to modern style or trend. In fact, contemporary is not the same as modern style, and this includes home style and themes. You can even see contemporary homes for sale in Marietta Ga as not the same from modern houses. Contemporary houses has their own unique designs and features that have gone far from modern concepts.

What are Contemporary Homes?

For newbies, contemporary houses are those that has the unique design of today’s trend or fashion. Since you probably know that the current trend in many things expresses characteristics like uniqueness, minimalism, artistic, eco-friendly, technologically advance and practicality among others, you should have an idea that you can incorporate it in houses as well. You can even find contemporary homes that has combinations of various types of houses all throughout the history.

Beginning of the Contemporary House Trend

Although different, contemporary house design originated from modern house style. The modern house design came into popularity around the early and middle part of 20th century. From the main concepts of modern design which will be described below, contemporary style have made its own variation and have combined different concepts.

How to Identify Contemporary Homes and What Are Its Differences to Modern Style?

Modern style mostly circles around minimalism and linear shapes. Furthermore, it also maximizes the use of industrial materials such as sheet glass, steel and iron. This is because of its roots during the time of the Industrial Revolution in late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

Additionally, houses with contemporary style relies more on the combination of artistic layouts to practical and functional use. It also focuses on using environment friendly materials such as bamboo floors and granite for countertops. Further, contemporary houses incorporates open-floor style on its architectural layout, which features T, L or U shaped floors.

Contemporary houses also keeps the large windows of modern style, although with little to big variations. Windows on contemporary homes for sale Marietta Ga often comes in irregular shapes, but is still large like the modern style windows. Additionally, the size of these windows also contributes in the illumination of the house, since contemporary homes maximizes the use of sunlight or natural lights especially during daytime.


Lastly, contemporary houses uses minimum number of walls and doors. However, some contemporary houses features few movable doors that could easily divide one room into two or more. This shows the functionality and practicality of contemporary houses, since you can easily divide and undivided a room when necessary.

Buying Contemporary Homes for Sale in Marietta Ga

If you want to have a unique kind of house for you and your family, considering purchasing a contemporary style house is certainly a great choice! For starters, contemporary homes has unique designs that are not too plain or simple to look at. Moreover, this kind of house can be very comfortable for your family, especially for your kids. Not mentioning that its energy efficiency and conserving features could definitely help you a lot with your monthly bills.

Just carefully look through the list of real estate properties in Georgia, and you can definitely find the best contemporary homes for sale in Marietta Ga. Do not forget to have a reliable realtor with you, and you can surely find a seller without too much hassle. Find out more here.


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